We are an AKC Breeder of Merit

Cavalier puppies

Breeder of Merit

To be recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit, you must have a minimum of 5 years of active involvement in the American Kennel Club; earn a minimum of 4 conformation, performance or companion event titles on dogs you have bred; certify that applicable health screens are performed on your breeding stock as recommended by the breed's Parent Club; and demonstrate a commitment to ensuring 100% of the puppies produced are AKC registered.



Puppy News

UPDATED:  June 9, 2019


We have a few puppies available to loving forever homes.
 Blenheim Boys & Girls between the ages of  4 months to 11 months.
Vet checked, microchipped & completed puppy vaccines.
Ready to be interviewed


All puppies/young adults are doggy door trained, current on vaccines, microchipped, vet checked,
registered in the CKCSC-USA & AKC with  all registrations & transfers included.

Please inquire for more information, photos and to visit our home.

We only place dogs in loving screened pet homes on spay/neuter contracts, no breeding homes.


Before You Buy a Puppy...

How do you know if you are working with a good breeder?

PuppyWhen you purchase a puppy from an established, ethical breeder, you are investing in the future of a breed you love, just as we are. Good breeders are heavily vested in the puppies we produce because we keep some of them for ourselves as we have a great passion of raising and watching our dogs grow with hopes of the future, the focus is not to breed to sell puppies. We are the guardians of our breed, raising the bar every generation, competing not just with our fellow breeders & exhibitors in the ring, but with our own personal best in all aspects of the breed. We are educated & passionate about blood lines and pedigrees along with all aspects of the breed standard and inherited health conditions.  We are members of one or more national breed clubs and regional affiliates.


The only two legitimate registries in the United States for the Cavalier, are the American Kennel Club (AKC) of which the parent breed club of membership is the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (ACKCSC) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club-USA (CKCSC-USA). Those of us devoted to our breed, voluntarily donate time & money to participate in, or to put on, Championship shows, club activities, public educational events and assist in breed rescue. We donate money to Health Foundations & Charitable Trust organizations to fund genetic research to target breed associated health problems.



The only two legitimate registries in the U.S. are the AKC and the CKCSC-USA.

Cavalier puppiesGood breeders will have an established registered affix as our stamp or brand, which every puppy bred will carry at the front of their name, such as Covington. All puppies born, will be registered, regardless as to weather they end up as a beloved pet or a show dog. Pedigrees will be legitimate, carry dogs with proof of DNA on file, and carry affixes and championship titles. Puppies will be predictable in breed characteristics & temperament and we will take our time determining which puppies we keep & those we place,  the placement of the right puppy for the right home. Puppies won't leave for new homes until approx 12 weeks or even older. Puppies will have a  written guarantee &  spay/neuter contract & will always be welcomed back if in need of a home. Our relationship extends to you for the life of your puppy as a friend and resource in all aspects of it's care.  


Our websites will be breed specific informational & educational. They will showcase our Special dogs,  Title holders & demonstrate our commitment to the breed. We will guide you on how you can purchase a puppy from the right type of breeder, weather or not we have puppies available & our process for placing them. 

You will not only be welcome in our homes, but requested to visit to meet us and our dogs.

You will not only be welcome in our homes, but requested to visit to meet us and our dogs. You will likely only find us listed on the National & Regional Cavalier clubs website breeder or puppy referral lists if your looking for a puppy. You will find us at shows, breed education events and through referrals from people that have worked with us. 

You will not find puppies from reputable breeders in pet shops, or advertised in any classifieds or on mass marketing web sites.


You will not find puppies from reputable breeders in pet shops, we won't be advertising in any classifieds or on mass marketing websites. We won't be associated with any marketing schemes claiming to be selling puppies for select groups or elitist breeders. Our websties are not used to sell our puppies, featuring photo after photo of puppies currently for sale. These are the places you will find the back yard breeders, puppy mills & brokers.




Covington is a long time committed & vested breeder of the Cavalier. We are an AKC Breeder of Merit, members with both National Cavalier Clubs and many of their regional affiliates. We still enjoy the occassional litter during the year & our puppies are raised as part of our family. We don't force weaning of Mothers & babies. Our puppies use a doggy door by 8 weeks which makes house breaking in your home easy. Puppies will be current on vaccinations and worming, have a written wellness exam & microchip. We will discuss all aspects of Cavalier ownership with you on your visit including health concerns and  show you the most current health clearances on the parents (see- Breed Info page - for health information-).  You will often be able to meet Grandparents and sometimes even Great Great Grandparents that are with us & doing well in their Golden years. All registrations and transfers for all puppies are completed & paid for by us. We just want you to enjoy & focus on getting  settled with your new family member, we will take care of the rest.